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Carolyn May Steiss, owner of Holistic Solutions Inc. is the Branch Manager of CSNN Mississauga. Carolyn May has 38 years of experience in the natural health industry and founded CSNN Mississauga in 1995.

CSNN Mississauga offers a science-based curriculum that was developed with the inten-sity of a university experience and matched with the practicality of a college programme. Mississauga’s Introduction to Nutritional Sciences workshop covers basic concepts of Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry & Bio-chemistry and Cellular Biology. Additionally, students will review and practice study skills which will prepare them for their Natural Nutrition progamme. CSNN Mississauga offers students up to 15 practicals monthly.

For over 21 years the Mississauga branch has grown and evolved in part due to the teachers Carolyn May has carefully selected that require a minimum of 10 years practical experience plus a strong academic background. Their committment and passion is to transform and empower students who are dedicated to changing their lives.

Our diversified student body ranges from practitioners working in natural healthcare modalities to individuals in retail positions. Students come together to learn whether they’re doctors, nurses, IT professionals... regardless of their background.

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) is the first Holistic Nutrition school in Canada with classroom branches nationwide. We are extremely proud to be a truly Canadian organization that offers first class education. Upon successful completion of our core Natural Nutrition Programme, graduates are awarded a diploma and granted the professional R.H.N. designation (Registered Holistic Nutritionist ™).

CSNN also offers Advanced Holistic Nutrition Certificate Packages and Workshops.

We welcome you to request an education package from csnn.ca. Make an appointment with Carolyn May and/or audit one of our classes to learn more about Mississauga’s unique classroom experience.

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"Going back to school was a huge decision so it had to be the right one. I investigated different schools but once I had my interview with Carolyn May Steiss, the branch manager, I found her to be a true visionary pioneer. Her experience, compassion and no nonsense personality were strong attributes that went a long way in helping me to make my decision. I found during my initial interview with Carolyn May that she was intelligent, thoughtful and personable. She covered all the course details in great depth as well as what it would be like for me to go back to school as a mature student - she was patient and very excited about Holistic nutrition as a whole. By the end of the interview I think we both knew it was a great fit!

I was very impressed with the inspiring and diverse teachers - everyone was incredibly knowledgable and supportive. The entire program, everyone I met and studied with ....it's all rich in memories.

Going to CSNN Mississauga changed the direction of my life, a new direction that I get to live every single day!!

Thank you so much."


Penny Hopp, R.H.N.